Apply for Financing in Latrobe

When buying or leasing a car, truck, or SUV, our dealership could help customers with financing. The team at Latrobe Auto Group wants to assist anyone looking for a fair auto loan and any deals that may be available for our new inventory and used models.

Complete Our Online Application

Customers could let things run smoother by completing the necessary application online. The application requires standard information, including social security number, employment, earnings, expenditures, and past bankruptcies, if any. Completing the application online allows the applicant to fill out the form at their convenience. A team member will examine the application during our business hours.


Qualified applicants could receive a great deal on a low-interest APR. Reasonable rates present a great price on a vehicle even better.

Notes About Pre-Approvals

An application determining pre-approvals could help the would-be borrower gain insights into their chances of getting an affordable auto loan. Pre-approval could make things easier for those wondering if they qualify for a solid APR if the result comes back in their favor.

Down Payments and Trade-ins

Putting a substantial down payment on a new or used car would result in less costly financing since the remaining vehicle balance would be smaller. A trade-in adds to the savings, allowing someone to easily transfer ownership to their dealership, eliminating the need to sell it.

Our Kelley Blue Book trade tool provides a general idea of what to expect when trading in an older vehicle. Our sales team will utilize a fair valuation process that considers many different things when coming up with the trade-in price

Leasing Your Car, Truck, or SUV

For those interested in leasing a vehicle, the process for procuring a vehicle this way mostly stays the same as the way the customer finances the vehicle. Leasing makes it easier for those wishing to upgrade to a newer model after two or three years.