Given our family of brands, Latrobe Auto Group offers certified servicing across Chevrolet and Ford models within service stations well-equipped and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts' inventories well-supplied.

This means our technicians have certification and expertise across both brands and all the models in respective lineups. Near Ligonier, not many dealerships and service centers may boast of the same comprehensiveness.

Select a Service Station For Your Vehicle Near Connellsville

Whatever your Chevrolet or Ford vehicle needs in servicing, maintenance and repairs, we've got you covered outside Greensburg.

So, no matter the servicing regime, your Chevy Silverado will be extended all the attention it deserves across a complete menu of servicing procedures in time for spring.

Our most popular and highly recommended procedures span the following, all encompassing tasks likely performed while you wait.

Oil Changes, Filter Replacement

With spring approaching, you'll need an oil change to remove older oil with a thicker viscosity premised upon those winter challenges now relegated to the rear-view mirror.

And with fresh, thinner oil and filter replacement, you're helping to ensure improved fuel economy past Derry, with all internal engine parts properly lubricated.

Tire Rotations

Your Ford F-150 pickup almost certainly proved valuable this past winter. And to promote additional well-being, tire rotations allow for even tread wear across your tire assortment.

Tire rotations also provide an opportune time for our technicians to examine tires for damage, tread-channel depth and proper inflation. In this effort, a suggestion will be made as to installation of a new tire assortment primed for warmer weather outside Jeannette.

Brake Systems Inspected, Parts Replaced

When tires are being rotated from well-to-well, it also an excellent time to have our factory-trained technicians inspect your Ford Bronco brake system for anything in disrepair.

Rotors and pads will be examined for proper surfacing levels and calipers for corrosion due to road-salt applications in Irwin this past winter.

Engine, Cabin Air-Filter Replacement

It's good practice to have your engine air filter inspected during an oil change. This will identify filters too worn for continued service. Once replaced with a fresh filter, engine performance will be enhanced.

Likewise, cabin air filters prevent particulates from entering the interior space. And with spring pollen blooms soon to come to Pennsylvania, it's probably time to have your cabin air filter at least inspected, while replaced as necessary.

Batteries Tested

All vehicle batteries incur a degree of weakness after a winter of colder temperatures. By having your Ford Fusion battery tested, you'll be apprised of any issues with strength and storage capacity. And should there be a need, battery replacements are performed while you wait.

Fluid Systems Topped Off

After each season, it may prove systems of HVAC, steering, wipers and brakes will require fresh fluids. And dependent upon the system in-question, a total flushing of older, degraded fluid may have to precede any installment of fresh fluids or coolant.

Wheel Alignment

Given the brutality of winter on local roads, those potholes and pavement seams could have had some influence on your wheel alignment and steering to follow.

With specialized equipment, our technicians will test and diagnose any need for corrections to tilt and angle of front wheels. Then, it's an easy fix for better steering that doesn't pull to either side when driving your Ford Ranger.

Latrobe Auto Group - Specializing in Certified Chevrolet, Ford Servicing Near Ligonier, PA

Simply pick a service station and have your Chevy or Ford serviced by professionals seasoned in their tasks.

Before warmer temperatures set in, it's encouraged to ensure your Chevrolet Blazer has the preparation it requires.

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